Remote research assistant job descriptions vary from company to company. Basically, you are required to analyze and evaluate clinical data that you gathered during research. You might also be asked to conduct literature reviews and prepare and evaluate all kinds of data material that your supervisor asks you to. This is a great way for people who are thinking about becoming a digital nomad to get started. Even if you’re 6-12 months away from setting out on your adventures, setting up your tutor profile now is a great way to have established clientele.

Having an IT degree or at least some kind of experience is usually preferred for this job but that is not always the case. As a QA you will be required to carry out testing, performing root cause analysis and generating reports and recommendations for various websites and applications. Video game testers actually make pretty decent money, even starting out. You can pretty much live like royalty in any number of countries on that salary. Do you have a little bit of skill using photo editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr, Canva, or any other photo editing software?

Remote Locations

This doesn’t mean copying it word for word, but presenting yourself as a great match based on what the employer is looking for. Under each job category, we found up to three of the most common job titles that require no experience. The salaries you see are an average of those job title salaries pulled from Glassdoor. Customer service representatives help customers get the most out of the company’s service or product by providing phone, chat, and email support. Although there could be other job titles for translation services, most will at least include the word “translator” in the title.

On top of that, you learn the different types of health and travel insurance, what conditions you need to look out for, and what digital nomad… Join this FREE webinar where I share my proven 3 step strategy to find a remote job that you love AND that pays the bills. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Whether you are a digital nomad, stay-at-home parent, or someone who is looking for an easy and profitable side hustle – you just can’t get around affiliate marketing. First, you have to decide if you want to work as a freelancer and offer your services to clients.

Bookkeeping Jobs

Not according to a new entry-level remote career list by, sister site to Here are three entry-level graphic job titles that may not require experience, but will most likely require skills within specific computer programs like Adobe Creative Suite or Illustrator. Telemarketers are people who are responsible for calling potential customers and selling items or asking for donations.

  • Proofreading is another popular entry-level work-from-home job.
  • Do you want to learn more about how you can become a Social Media Manager?
  • But there are also companies and clients that are happy to employ a beginner.
  • The salary ranges from $17 to $35 per hour and can be higher.
  • Their job is to monitor social media posts and replies to ensure that they meet the corporation’s standards.
  • Bear in mind that entry-level jobs are therefore not high-paying.
  • While most accounting or bookkeeping jobs require a degree, some entry-level jobs can be done without experience or a degree.